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About Me.

Iron Sharif is a fitness professional who has well over a decade’s worth of experience within the fitness industry. He has the accreditation Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer and Level 4 Nutritionist. He has also been involved in numerous fitness events, sharing his experience to the youth and all fitness enthusiasts. He has gained the respect of many for his highly positive and motivational approach to everything he does from general life to his love for Iron. 


Starting from a very young age he was passionate into his boxing, football and any competitive sports . He first got into weight lifting at 15 years of age and quickly grew a passion for it. This encouraged him to compete in powerlifting competitions and win many strongest p4p competitions (Squat, Bench and Deadlifts). From the age 19 he decided to stick to bodybuilding and create a remarkable physique one which stands out from the rest.

He also has a degree in Electrical Engineering which allows him to apply his scientific approaches into his health and fitness. Studying about diet and nutrition helped him create the physique with which came with many difficulties and challenges, however trials and errors are an essential part of self development. More importantly fitness allowed him to discover his true potential and the endless possibilities with hard work and dedication.


Furthermore he has a keen interest in the philosophy and psychology of training. The physiological integration of mind, body and soul. He believes there is beauty in suffering,  you must constantly challenge yourself to become your best version. A physique transformation is the best type of challenge to take on board. You will learn to practice patient, discipline and delayed gratification. Most importantly you will become wiser and stronger because of it. Self development is not only achieving your dream physique but facing your fears and just taking control of your mind. 









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